Technician Support

Welcome to the Opus IVS Technician Support! You will find useful information to help you get started with J2534 re-flashing. First, keep a few things in mind when learning how to re-flash a specific manufacturer will greatly increase your re-flashing success:

Equipment: Do I have the necessary equipment to successfully complete the re-flash?

Information: Have I pulled all technical information (TSB's, repair manuals, etc.) that gives me the information to perform the re-flash correctly? Keep in mind a re-flash is just part of a repair procedure.

Diagnostics: Will a re-flash fix my specific problem? How did I come to this conclusion?


Individual Manufacturer Information

Each manufacturer's website and service software works differently. We have put together, by manufacturer, some information that will help you get started. Click on each manufacturer below for a website link or email that you should take into consideration for your first re-flash in a specific manufacturer.

OEM Application Information

Make System Additional Details 3 Days
GM Holden SWDL

Tech2Win  Includes: Software to emulate the Tech 2 on PC

$76.00 $308.00 $767.00

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