Autologic Guided Data

Modules: Electronics

With electrical systems and advanced technologies becoming an increasingly significant feature in modern cars, this module has become an essential application for technicians.

In this module you will have full access information on fuses and relays, VESA guided diagnostics and wiring diagrams.

Autologic With Just Drivepro
Comfort Wiring
Fuses and relays
  • Fuse and relay box locations
  • Fuse and relay overview
VESA MK Guided Diagnostics
  • Wiring diagrams for engine management, ABS, ESP, and air conditioning
  • Component locations and information
  • Fault codes (manufacturer's and EOBD)
  • Diagnostics wizard
  • Ground point locations
  • Fault code link to Smart module
Comfort wiring diagrams
  • Wiring diagrams (covering e.g. door locks, windows, airbags, exterior lights, starting/charging and washer/wiper systems
  • Pan and zoom functionality
  • Highlight functionality to trace corresponding wires and components