Universal Pass-Thru Device for Heavy Duty Trucks and Commercial Vehicles
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Repair the Most Complex Trucks Yourself

  • Reliably fix most heavy-duty vehicles, without having to send them away to manufacturer dealerships.
  • Keep control of the timing and costs of repairs.
  • Save time and money, and increase your profitability.
  • RP1210 & J2534 Pass‑Thru Technology: Enables diagnostics and reprogramming across multiple vehicle brands using a single device.
  • Suitable for Most Heavy‑Duty & Commercial Vehicles: Repair medium-duty, military, automotive and industrial stationary equipment.
  • Bundle your DrewlinQ with Additional Functionality: Range of DrewLinQ kits available.

DrewLinQ Standard Kit


Part Number: DL-LD-HD-KIT

The Kit for Complete RP1210 Support. Includes:

  • DrewLinQ® device
  • 6/9 Deutsch Y Cable
  • Volvo 2013+ Cable
  • Crossover Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD
  • QuickStart Guide

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drewlinq bundle

DrewLinQ Kit Plus


Part Number: BNDL-DL-PFD-TFC-01

The Kit for Complete RP1210 Support with Universal Diagnostic Software. Includes:

  • Standard DrewLinQ® Kit
  • PF Diagnose
  • 12-month TruckFaultCodes subscription

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drewlinq master bundle

Master Bundle


Part Number: BNDL-CDP3-DL-01

The Kit for Complete RP1210 Truck and J2534 Automotive Support. Includes:

  • CarDAQ-Plus 3® Kit
  • Standard DrewLinQ® Kit

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CAT Equipment


Part Number: CBL-DL-CAT-EQ

Custom 9-pin Deutsch Cable

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VOLVO Construction


Part Number:CBL-DL-VVE-14

14-pin Round Cable

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VOLVO Construction 2


Part Number:CBL-DL-VVE-8

8-pin Cable

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Komatsu Construction


Part Number:CBL-DL-KME-12

12-pin Cable

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GMC Topkick/Kodiak


Part Number:CBL-DL-GMC-TK

Custom OBDII Cable

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J1939-11 Cummins Backbone


Part Number:CBL-DL-J1939-BB-KIT

3-pin Deutsch/Power Cable

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J1939 Type 2


Part Number:CBL-DL-PC-NV-KJ


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CAN3 to CAN1 Crossover Cable


Part Number:CBL-DL-C3C1

Freightliner Cascadia & 3 CAN Channel Vehicles

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Isuzu Cable


Part Number:CBL-DL-ISF

Isuzu Custom OBDII Cable / 10-pin Yazaki Cable

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MD Ford OBDII Cable


Part Number:CBL-DL-OBD2

Custom OBDII Cable

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J1939 Breakout Box


Part Number:CBL-J1939BB-01

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OBDII Breakout Box


Part Number:CBL-J1962BB-01

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USB Cable


Part Number:CDP2-CBL-USB-06-VER2

DrewLinQ (device-side) to PC USB

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6/9 Pin Deutsch Y Cable


Part Number:CBL-DL-FTL-69Y

Type 2 Standard

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9 Pin Deutsch Cable


Part Number:CBL-DL-FTL-9

Type 2 Standard

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2013+ Volvo Cables


Part Number:DL-CBL-VV-KIT-01

OBDII/9-pin Deutsch Type 2 Y Cable & Crossover Cable

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Part Number:CDP2-CBL-OBD-02 PGM

Generic OBDII Cable

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